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Bike Decal Replace

GIANT Trance (2017-2019) Advanced Frame Decal Set

GIANT Trance (2017-2019) Advanced Frame Decal Set

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High-quality self-adhesive stickers that are resistant to UV rays and waterproof. Product is createed during digital printing using die-cuts by plotter. Easy to install. Decals have a transfer layer on top that must be removed after application. Stretchable material that regains its original shape when exposed to heat. In case of incorrect insertion, it can be removed in a short time, but after a few seconds it is permanently fixed.
Surfaces to which the material will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned and free from dust, grease or any contamination which could affect the adhesion of the material. Freshly lacquered or painted surfaces should be allowed to dry for at least three weeks and to completely cure.

Old stickers must be removed before placing new ones. If you covers old sticker and new one doesn't cover it exactly we cannot make a guarantee because can be affected by many factors this procedure (temperature, incorrect process, etc.).

Masking tape (Painting mask) stickers is a stencil, with help of which the user has to paint desired color on the surface.
If you do not have any knowledge and/or experience contact a professional.

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